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About Us

At SBH Financial Consultancy is Malaysia’s leading financial consultancy, committed to revolutionising how the financial solution is produced and reshaping the financial landscape.

At the heart of it, we empower individuals and businesses to make smarter financial decisions that grow and future-proof their finances to be more resilient, profitable and sustainable.

Our Vision

To establish or revive business financial stability and inspire young future leaders with financial literacy.

Our Mission

Be a trusted financial partner that lifts every business in any situation to a healthier financial status and builds stronger cornerstones through financial education to withstand the ever-changing economy.

Company Overview

Sam Tsen founded SBH Financial Consultancy to help individuals resolve their financial and banking challenges. The business has helped over 30,000 clients to succeed in their banking profiles and financial management. The business has also reached out to almost 5 million individuals all over the nation through consultation, seminars, webinars and workshops.

It became evident that the company was well received by the Malaysian business communities following the expansion of the HQ in Jalan Ampang, the financial district located in the heart of the city. As the first financial consultancy to provide a VIP lounge for our existing clients, this company has also set foot in other states such as Johor and Penang.

Over the years, SBH Financial Consultancy was awarded and nominated the following:

2020 JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award by Financial Literacy of Malaysia

2020 Anugerah Firma Professional Terbaik 2020 by Niagatimes

Nominated as finalist for SOBA's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award


JCI CYEA Malaysia Creative Young Entrepreneur Award Top 10 Finalist 2023


SME Young Entrepreneur Award 2023


SME Brand Excellence Award 2023


SBH Financial Consultancy partners with CTOS Data Systems Sdn. Bhd.

The key objectives of the partnership are:

• To raise awareness of CTOS as a valuable tool for evaluating the creditworthiness of Malaysians 

• To help individuals understand their financial status

• To promote financial literacy among all Malaysians

SBH Financial Consultancy and CTOS are committed to working together towards these objectives, and the partnership is expected to bring significant benefits to Malaysians. SBH Financial Consultancy will provide financial consultation to help individuals and companies manage their finances, while CTOS will provide credit scoring reports. 


What Makes Us Different?

At SBH Financial Consultancy, we know how important it is for Business Owners and Individuals to have a good understanding of finances in order to take care of their money and keep a good credit score.

Customer Experience
Highly Personalized Services
Collaborative Learning
Default to Transparency
Act as Financial Educator
Banking Facilities Advisory

Our Services

No matter what your financial challenges are, we will help you to overcome them!

What Our Clients Says

Chi Yin Lim
Chi Yin Lim
非常感谢Au Yong和Darren的帮助帮我解决我的问题,两位都非常敬业👍
Woan Tyng Teoh
Woan Tyng Teoh
Tq Anson ,很满意你的服务
I recently had the pleasure of working with Alvin from SBH Financial Consultancy, which I found through CTOS CreditFounder. I couldn't be happier with the experience. Alvin helped me consolidate multiple loans into a manageable loan, and even managed to secure some cash in hand through the process. His dedication and attention to detail over the past 1.5 months ensured that everything went smoothly. Alvin diligently followed up with the banking institutions and kept me informed at every step. His professionalism and expertise were evident throughout, making a potentially stressful process much easier to navigate. To the SBH management, you have a very dedicated staff member on your hands. Give this man a raise already! Thank you, Alvin, for your exceptional service and commitment to helping me achieve financial stability. I highly recommend Alvin and SBH Financial Services to anyone in need of financial assistance, and I also appreciate CTOS CreditFinder for connecting me to such reliable service.
amitpal singh
amitpal singh
Thank you Alvin, CTOS Credit Finder, and SBH Financial Consultancy. Alvin truly are reliable, honest and operate with integrity. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for some great Financial advice. Alvin always takes the time to answer any questions I may have, and provides me with all the optional finance banking service from beginner to extremely financial freedom. Their service level is really top-notch, and beyond that it's the details that make the difference. Careful analysis, data points to support decisions, and deep experience to assist with decision making. Thanks Alvin for all your efforts and the above-and-beyond assistance you provided Financial freedom Much appreciated and looking forward to working with you on the next deal! l'm very happy to have to with Alvin, CTOS and SBH Thanks for the great move commitment to helping me achieve financial stability and commitment to helping me achieve financial stability. I highly recommend Alvin, CTOS, SBH services to anyone in need of financial assistance.
非常感谢Alvin and CTOS在通话中,帮助理解规划使用信用卡,简单又清楚的说明,获益良多。 如果真的有需要财务咨询,或身边有人需要,一定会推荐SBH。
puteri elinee
puteri elinee
Terima Kasih Mr Victor Hoo atas penjelasan dan penerangan tentang penyatuan hutang dan meluangkan masa pada saya. 👍👍☺️☺️
M. Siaw
M. Siaw
我非常感谢Au Yong在通话中,帮助理解规划使用信用卡,简单又清楚的说明,获益良多。 如果真的有需要财务咨询,或身边有人需要,一定会推荐SBH。
peter tang
peter tang
terrible consultancy that doesn't do any deep research before voicing out~ i won't let them consult me for sure!

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